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Don’t face your challenges alone—let us be your advocate.

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Our experienced and dedicated team can help you figure out your best legal options.

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Philadelphia Consumer Lawyer

Protecting Your Rights In Philadelphia And The Surrounding Counties

If you find yourself the victim of unfair business practices, credit reporting fraud, debt collection harassment, disingenuous insurance practices, or any other consumer issue, Louis Schwartz and his team can intercede for you. Our Philadelphia consumer lawyers will help you throughout your case—fighting alongside you passionately to ensure you are treated with appropriate professionalism in all consumer interactions. You deserve to be heard and we can help give you a voice. Since our firm’s establishment in 1996, we have successfully helped dozens of Philadelphia metropolitan area residents, as well as individuals who reside in Montgomery and Delaware Counties. To speak with one of our experienced legal representatives, call our law offices today at 215-790-1800.

Consumer Protection

Our consumer protection lawyers can assist with various consumer law problems. It’s time to take action. You have a legal right to be treated with respect and dignity. When this right is violated, Louis Schwartz can intercede for you, educating you on your legal rights as the consumer and helping you become more aware of your options in response to the injustices against you.

Our Philadelphia Consumer Lawyers Can Advocate for You

Since 1996, Louis Schwartz and team have built a reputation for our passionate consumer advocacy and our diligent, up-to-date knowledge of consumer law. We are intimately familiar with the ins and outs of your rights as the consumer and have extensive experience with both class actions and with individual cases.

  • Debt Collection Abuses: Are you being harassed by debt collectors or creditors? Know your rights! Even if you do owe them money, collectors may not ridicule, harass, or abuse you.
  • Debt Relief/Settlement: Debt settlement is a process where  we negotiate with the creditor to agree to accept a lower amount than the actual debt owed. Divorce Debt, Mortgage Debt, Student Loan Debt. 
  • Foreclosure Defense & Predatory Lending Damages: Is your house being confiscated due to your inability to pay back a loan? Do you feel that you were the victim of subprime lending? You might not have to lose your cherished property!
  • Used Car & Repair Shop Fraud: If you were the victim of auto dealer fraud and received a false advertising and sales presentation, we can help you determine your rights and appropriate action.
  • Insurance Claim Denials: Has your insurance claim been unlawfully denied? Do you suspect your premium was illegally raised? Our skilled attorneys fight hard to make sure you get the benefits to which you are entitled to as fast as possible.

Do not face your consumer law problem without an experienced consumer lawyer on your side. Our firm has the skills needed to help protect your consumer rights. For a free consultation, call our law offices today at 215-790-1800. We can help individuals and families who live in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, Berks County, or Lehigh County!

We Put The Power Back In Your Hands

As a consumer, it is essential that you know your legal rights. Louis Schwartz and his experienced, dedicated team can help you figure out whether your life insurance company is cheating you, whether debt collectors are overstepping their boundaries, or what your options are when you’ve found yourself the victim of used car fraud. For these situations and more, our Philadelphia consumer lawyers can be your advocate. We care and we can fight for you. Don’t face your challenges alone—let us be your advocate.

For a free consultation and evaluation of your legal situation, contact our law offices today at 215-790-1800.

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What People Are Saying

"We would like to say beyond a normal thank you how much Bob and I appreciate what you have done for us in more than one legal situation. You and your office staff are the "Creme de la Creme" of legal knowledge. Bob and I were truly confident you would put us on the right path. Once again, you are amazing! Thank you Lou!
All our Thanks and Sincerity"

— Bob and Barb Staunton

"Dealing with Lou Schwartz has been a seamless experience. He articulated all of the details of my case very clearly and in a timely manner. I was pleased with the results and would highly recommend his service to anyone seeking consumer help."

— Andrew Wanjala

"I could not let this opportunity pass without expressing my sincere thanks for representing me in court. Your professionalism and understanding that bad things sometimes happen to good people along with understanding “relationships” were key elements in convincing Judge Thomasine Tynes to dismiss my case. I am in your debt for this and will always be grateful for your service..."

— Joseph Popielarski
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