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Philadelphia Property Loss Claim Denial Lawyer

Pennsylvania Insurance Claim Lawyer Assisting Plaintiffs with Denied Property Loss Claims in Philadelphia

When your property sustains damage as a result of a damaging thunderstorm or another natural disaster, or even if your neighbor nearby engages in negligent or harmful behavior that leads to property damage at your address, you should be able to expect that you can count on your insurance company. After all, you have probably been paying premiums for years, anticipating that, in the event of serious property damage, you are covered.

What should you do if your insurance company denies your claim? As a consumer in Philadelphia, you have rights. A Philadelphia property loss claim denial lawyer can discuss your options with you today, which may include filing a claim for financial compensation.

Why Do Philadelphia Homeowners’ Insurance Companies Deny Property Loss Claims?

There are many different reasons that insurance companies will deny claims. In some cases, a claim denial is legitimate and fair. Under other circumstances, however, the insurance company may be delaying or denying your property loss claim solely to avoid paying out a benefit to an insured. A fact sheet from Adjusters International suggests that some of the following are reasons that property loss claims are often denied:

  • Failure to file on time: many insurance policies require that an insured file a claim within a specific period of time for property damage or property loss.

  • Failure to pay premiums: if a homeowner does not make regular payments, insurance can be canceled. As such, it is important to keep records of all of your payments to show that you paid on time.

  • Making false statements: in some property loss cases, insurance companies may argue that property owners are trying to claim certain damage in connection with an environmental disaster when it was in fact caused by the homeowner’s own negligence. You should keep up-to-date photos of your property to prove that the damage you are claiming happened in the manner you allege.

  • Poor or insufficient documentation of the loss: it is extremely important to document property damage and losses. After your home sustains damage, as long as it is safe, you should take photographs of all of the damage from multiple angles and from multiple shot scales.

  • Failure to mitigate damage: property owners can be required to mitigate damage after a property loss to prevent additional damage. It is important to understand the terms of your policy and to take any required steps for receiving benefits after a loss.

  • Damage is excluded from your policy: does your insurance policy contain exclusions, and are certain types of losses excluded from coverage? Be sure you understand what kinds of losses are covered by your contract.

Steps for Homeowners After Receiving a Denied Property Loss Claim in Philadelphia

If you had a property loss claim denied, what steps should you take? An article in NerdWallet emphasizes that denied property loss claims can be appealed, and policyholders generally should do the following:

  • Understand your coverage and its limits;
  • Review your claim and the reasons for denial; and
  • Appeal your claim.

Philadelphia Area Consumer Lawyer

The worst has happened: a natural disaster ripped through your town, destroying your home and property. Now you have run into yet another disaster—your insurance company refuses to pay the damages, even though you’ve been paying those ridiculously high premiums for years just in case something like this happens. Now you’re left with a ruined or damaged home or car and no money for compensation. Contact our Philadelphia property loss claim denial lawyer today, we can help.

Here at ConsumerLawPa.com, we know how to sort through those mountains of paperwork, fight back against the insurmountably painful claims process, and help you recover what was lost.

We’re here when insurance companies:

  • Dispute policy coverage;
  • Dispute property valuation;
  • Allege pre-existing damage; and
  • Allege insurance fraud.

For a free legal consultation, call Louis S. Schwartz and his team at ConsumerLawPa.com at 215-790-1800.

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