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Philadelphia Consumer Lawyer > Philadelphia Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Philadelphia Traffic Ticket Lawyer

We understand how important your driver’s license is to you. You need it to get to work or school, to buy food and run errands, to transport your kids, and to do just about anything outside the home in this day and age. If you also drive for a living, having a clean and active driver’s license is essential to your livelihood. Traffic tickets are more than just an inconvenience. Because of Pennsylvania’s point system, you can’t just pay the fine and move on; that citation leaves a mark that can result in a suspension of your license. When you do get your license back, you are likely to find that your insurance rates have gone through the roof. These things don’t have to happen.

You have a right to fight traffic tickets in court, and you have a right to fight or appeal a driver’s license suspension, either at a PennDOT hearing or in court. We represent people cited for the full range of moving violations in Philadelphia, including speed- ing, excessive speeding, running a stop sign or red light, improper passing, following too closely, failure to yield, and dozens of other traffic offenses.

Every ticket puts points on your license and brings you closer to a license suspension. Your right to appeal is limited, so call our firm right away for practical advice and the best chance at fighting your ticket.

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