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Philadelphia Mortgage Foreclosure Lawyer

Philadelphia Area Consumer Lawyer

Do you feel you were lied to when financing your home? Did you feel forced into a financial situation you never could have sustained? You might be sued by a portgage company who can’t prove it owns your mortgage. You may have a chance to fight your home’s foreclosure if you have endured any of these or other mortgage issues. Come to Louis Schwartz and we can go over your case—delving into the history of your home buying experience to see whether there is something we can do to save what is nearly lost. Our Philadelphia mortgage foreclosure lawyer will form a plan of action, give you peace in a tight situation, and help guide you in the proper legal direction.

Our consumer law attorneys can assist not only with mortgage foreclosures, but with the following issues, as well:

  • Debt Collection Abuse
  • Predatory Lending Damages
  • Used Car & Repair Shop Fraud
  • Insurance Claim Denials

If you fear you are a victim of fraud, deception, or harassment, we may be able to protect you. Our lawyers can provide you with a free consultation to help you determine the best possible course of action. Call our law offices today at 215-790-1800.

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